My Summer Vacation Essentials

I spent my last two months traveling as I was between jobs (lucky me I know). Therefor I quickly recognised how important it is to identify the ultimate Summer vacation essentials. Those items you just blindly put in every luggage. Here are my top 6 travel companions:

Sun glasses – those on the pictures are old once but my latest obsession is around the french brand Jimmy Fairly. They are fair produced, have a buy one give one philosophy and a really great design. They are also super affordable BUT only available in France at the moment.

A scarf or bandeau – especially with heat, the sea and wind you will find yourself putting your hair up a lot. Add a bit of color and glamour by using a colourful scarf or like me a bandeau with an aluminium filling which makes it easier to put it on. Evergreen gardens on Etsy offers a really lovely range of headbands.

Kindle e-reader – I really love books. Touching their cover, feeling their pages between my fingers. I love the feeling of putting a finished book in my bookshelf and sometimes even arrange them by color. What I don’t like is finishing a book in the middle of the vacation because I could only take a little or thin book or not have a book with my on a quick excurse during vacation because it was too have to carry. Sounds familiar? This is the time I really learned to appreciate the Kindle. This time a fell in love with the book “Tracks” from Robyn Davids (a true story based on her journey through the Australien dessert) as well as “The Signature of All Things” from Elizabeth Gilbert (the author from “Eat Pray Love”

Paul Hewitt watch – this watch is my absolute favourite watch. First of all it is such an elegant alternative to leather watch straps and second it is a wonderful alternative to the famouse Daniel Wellington watch everyone has.

Straw hat – make sure it is a hat with soft material you can easily also put in your luggage and take out the same way you put it in otherwise you might end up not taking it with you. I would recommend this stray hat from Folkdays as the one I have is old and from Seeberger hats which is not very transparent about their manufacturing process in china.

Digital camera – and of course my retro inspired digital camera named Lumix from Panasonic covered in an faux leather case to be able to carry it around and protect it at the same time.

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